Calling All Foodies!

Hey everyone!!!

I am going to Singapore in November, so I have been researching like crazy to find the best places to eat and the coolest things to do. However, I want YOUR help!!! Do you have any tips as to where to go, what to eat and what to see? I know that Singapore is one of the most food-obsessed cities in the world, so help out a fellow foodie! It would be absolutely amazing if I can have some ideas from y’all!



2 comments on “Calling All Foodies!

  1. Hi Alison, don’t want this to sound like a ‘plug’, but I have been putting together ‘the best fast food in Singapore’ series on my blog for a while now, and part 7 will be up later today or tomorrow. First you should let us know which kind of cuisine you like best? And the whole cuisine, or just parts of it? (i.e. you might not like Japanese food much, but LOVE ramen).


  2. If it’s hawker food you’re after in Singapore, then you should try out the newly- reopened Lau Pa Sat. Maxwell Food Centre is also a great hotbed for hawker fare. Not to mention the ever-burgeoning East Coast Park foodbelt. Happy munching! 🙂


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