Review: Ice Tropez

Think back to a time long ago when you would fill up your shopping cart with the electric colors of Bartles & Jaymes. Or maybe you preferred to unwind with the flavors of Seagram’s Escapes. Or maybe your 14 year-old self and your best friend took whatever brand of wine cooler was available at your parent’s friends 4th of July party, stuffed them down your pants and in your hoodies and absconded off into the woods. (Can’t remember where I heard that one from…)

Wine coolers. The stuff of 80’s and 90’s legends. Never did I think I would find them in France.


At the supermarket, I have been seeing this stuff called “Ice Tropez.” Obviously a play off of the city St. Tropez and the fact that you should drink this concoction icy cold, today I decided to give it a try. Was it wine? Was it a cocktail? I had not the slightest clue, so I figured there was no better time to find than now. My little can set me back 2.50 euro, and once I got home I threw it in the freezer so it would be chilly in time for lunch.

I crack it open and take the first sip. Why, hello! Ice Tropez is nothing more than a simple throwback to those days of minimally alcoholic, Cyndi Lauper-in-a-bottle wine cooler days. Bubbly, mildly alcoholic at 6.5%, and I am in love! The drink has a nice peach flavor that is not artificial-tasting or too strong and tastes like a sweeter, fruitier rosé. One could call it alcoholic soda and not be wrong.

Bubbly, colorful and a guilty pleasure. Just like wine coolers. (Source:
Bubbly, colorful and a guilty pleasure. Just like wine coolers. (Source:

As the name implies, a couple of cans of Ice Tropez would probably be best enjoyed under the sun in some posh resort town on the French Riviera. If you aren’t at the beach, they are like a little vacation in a can. Even if that vacation has you sporting acid washed jeans and crimped hair.

 (Just to let everyone know, no products were given to me, I bought it in the store. So, the opinions are honest, even if I am admitting I like sweet, pink, fruity bubbly drinks. And Cyndi Lauper. Judge me if you will.)


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