Crady’s Eclectic Cuisine on Main in Conway, SC

I just love everything about Crady’s restaurant. I’ve only been there once, but I really enjoy their style. Their food is amazing, simple and fresh, the place itself is unique and the staff is probably one of the nicest you’ll meet. Give it a try if you are ever in the Myrtle Beach area!


Crady’s is located in Conway, South Carolina, which is just a few miles away from downtown Myrtle Beach. It’s definitely a huge change from the beach scene and the big chain restaurants that abound in the area. Everything at this family-run intimate bistro is homemade, and everything I tried was right on point. And we tried a lot!!

My appetizer was the she-crab soup. This is a pretty traditional dish from South Carolina, so I had to try that before I left. The basic ingredients are milk or heavy cream, crab roe and crabmeat. The rest is the stuff dreams are made of. Never have I tried a soup as rich as this! I don’t know how authentic their version is, since it’s the first time I have tried it, but I will definitely be trying it again. Just to note here, Crady’s has the most amazing lightly-sweetened iced tea. Flavors change often, so it could be blueberry or hibiscus or whatever the team decides on that day.


My main meal was the Crady’s “Burger.” Wow. Just wow. This wasn’t a “real” burger, but it was the best damn veggie burger I have ever had in my life! The homemade tomato jam and the spicy chipotle sauce took the already amazing patty over the edge. I thought that the consistency of it was nice, too. It generally held its shape as I was devouring it. When a veggie burger is this good, you don’t need any meat!

Now for the desserts, even though at this point I was really stuffed. Crady’s is super well-known in the area for their most amazing desserts. (Homemade, needless to say!) We got not one, but three, yes three, luscious desserts! Fatties! The Southern caramel cake was perhaps the most decadent. Layers of moist white cake mingled with a slightly crunchy caramel frosting. I didn’t particularly care for the texture of the frosting; it was almost as if the sugar didn’t completely dissolve. Then, once again, I don’t know how the cake should be, but that’s just my humble opinion. Next came the toasted coconut cupcake with marshmallow frosting. To die for. The frosting was so good, and the cake was moist and dense. But let me get to why people come here. The single-portion double crusted fruit pies.


Here’s a funny story. We were the first ones to get to Crady’s that day. Their enticing dessert display held about maybe 9 mini strawberry rhubarb pies. My parents and I were talking about how we can’t wait to eat one, how good they are and how long it’s been since we’ve had a strawberry rhubarb pie. The phone rang and the waitress ran to the dessert display and removed 4 of the pies! As we were enjoying our main meals, a young girl came in and bought 2 more. At this point, you could say the number of available pies remaining was getting dangerously low. We looked at each other and we knew what we had to do. Reserve a pie.


Those magical little pies are worth reserving. Making a pie from scratch is time-consuming, and I can guarantee that Crady’s pies are probably better than yours. Save yourself the effort, go to Crady’s.

So, the only negative thing I could possibly have to say is that we did wait a little bit for our food. I think that this was mostly because we got there for lunch at 11 a.m. Other tables didn’t seem to have this problem, and other times my parents have gone, they haven’t either. It wasn’t a big deal, Crady’s food is all prepared fresh and homemade, so I don’t mind. The food was fantastic and the staff are just the nicest people you could hope for. Crady’s is open for lunch and brunch on the weekends. They also have a theater menu on certain days.

I can’t wait to go back. They have so many delicious items on the menu that need to be tried. The Po’ Boy, the fried green tomato BLT, oh my! Plus, there are other desserts to be tried! Hopefully, I will be seeing you soon Crady’s!


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