RockEat in Nice, France

Who doesn’t love a good burger? I found a pretty cool looking burger place the other day in the Vieux Nice and last night I got the chance to try it out.


RockEat is one of the newest restaurants in the old part of Nice. They offer a pretty concise menu of the standard appetizers, burgers and Mexican inspired fare. When my friend and I sat down to dinner it was quite late, so we skipped the apps and went straight for the burger.

I’d say there are two things that set RockEat’s burgers apart from the rest. First of all, the burgers here are a little bit different from the standard hamburger. RockEat cuts their meat by knife, so don’t be expecting the typical finely ground beef. The burgers are a bit chunkier and chewier. Second, get ready to have a heck of a hard time choosing what burger to get. While there are only 7 choices, just about all of them seemed ah-mayyyyyyyy-zing in my near delirious, famished state. I ended up with the Cheeseburger and my friend got the Burger Niçois.

Classic Cheeseburger.
Classic Cheeseburger.
The Niçois.
The Niçois.

Once our burgers came, I dived into that baby like you couldn’t imagine. Actually, I started with the fries. Imagine my delight when I saw the oddly-shaped, bubbling, golden fries. There is nothing that I hate more than going out for dinner or lunch at a nice restaurant and getting FROZEN FRENCH FRIES. Ruins the whole thing for me. Anyway, the ketchup and mayo started flowing and boy, were those fries good. On to the burger. Let’s just say when they say CHEESEburger at RockEat, they mean it. They didn’t skimp out on the cheese. After my first two or three bites, I had melted cheese smearing my face, burger juice running down my chin and a most likely a crazed look in my eyes. Not my proudest moment.


My friend got the burger inspired by they city of Nice, it came piled high with grilled eggplant, roasted peppers and zucchini and olive tapenade. There were no complaints to be heard except one. She couldn’t get the burger into her mouth. It was literally so large that it was impossible to bite. Miraculously, she managed it in the end. Phew.

So, yes RockEat serves probably some of the best burgers in Nice. However, I did find that the service was a bit lacking. The waiters were nice enough and answered all of our questions about the burgers. But it seemed like things moved kind of slowly there. It took a while to place our order. It took quite a while to get our burgers. And then it took quite a while to get the check and pay. All this and there were honestly not a lot of people eating there. Looks like I will have to go back and test out the burgers service again.


The prices were definitely reasonable for what you get. The Cheeseburger is 13 euro and the others range from 14 to 16 euro. They are definitely cheaper, but better, than what you can get elsewhere in the city. Drinks are unfortunately expensive, but anyone who has been to France will know that. The outdoor seating is great, especially if you love to people watch.

Till we meat again, RockEat!

Does my melted cheese offend you?
Does my melted cheese offend you?

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