La Rossettisserie in Nice, France

And to think all this time I was calling this place La Rotisserie! This is one of the restaurants in the Vieux Nice that has really been calling to me. It’s always packed, the menu is small and from outside it looks cute and quaint.


Maybe I got the idea in my head that it was called La Rotisserie because their main dishes consist of rotisserie-cooked meats. They offer chicken, pork, beef, veal, and lamb all slow cooked in-house on their slowly spinning rotisserie. No matter what the name, if you are feeling like a meat and potatoes kind of dinner, this is your place.

The menu
The menu

To start off, the place is quite a bit larger than I had thought. I only saw the top floor where the roaster is in plain view. Downstairs has a bit more ambiance. The stone room may at one point in time have been a wine cellar. It is lit with soft lights and by candlelight. (Romantic!)

Rillettes de sardines
Rillettes de sardines

Frankly, I was tempted to just get one of each appetizer and call it a night. They all sounded so amazing, but in the end we opted for rillettes de sardines and the terrine de canard confit. For the layman, this would be a concoction of mashed sardines in a lightly creamy sauce and a pate made from confit duck. Both of the appetizers were consumed with gusto. I hate to say it, but I think I preferred the terrine a.k.a. not my appetizer. It tasted like a grown-up Big Mac. (Or maybe that was the wine talking?!)

Terrine de canard confit.
Terrine de canard confit.

Soon after, the main dishes arrived. I chose the roasted lamb with mashed potatoes and gravy. The other half chose the beef with the same side dish. To be honest, it was like something mom would make for Christmas or Easter dinner. Except the gravy. La Rossettisserie’s is amazing. Sorry, Mom. I found the meat to be not quite as tender as I had expected and a bit too done for my tastes. That goes for both the beef and the lamb. The potatoes were pretty darn good, but it’s hard to go wrong with mashed potatoes.

To go along with the meal, we ordered a nice bottle of wine. Can’t remember where it was from, can’t remember what it was called. Thankfully I took a picture. Most of the wines range from 20-30, which is not bad at all as far as wine prices go here in the Riviera. It was a medium-bodied wine that I found to go perfectly with both the appetizers and the meat.

Thanks for making me forget to take a picture of the lamb!!
Thanks for making me forget to take a picture of the lamb!!

Service was rather nice. The waitress was always available even though the majority of the cellar tables were occupied. Just one problem, though. The bread. Think about it: our appetizers were heavily bread-dependent. You need to have a few pieces of bread to wipe up any remaining gravy. On the appetizer tray we were each given two TINY pieces of toasted bread, but not a bread basket. Ok, so we asked. Once, twice, three times a (fat) lady. Can’t a trained waitress see that coming?

I would definitely go back, but maybe next time just for the appetizers. And maybe a dessert, because we didn’t try any. They sounded simple, but enticing. I can definitely say that this is one of the best deals in the old city of Nice. All appetizers are 7 euro, the mains are no more than 14.50 and the desserts are 6. This is significantly less than many other restaurants in the area where I can guarantee you won’t be eating as well as at La Rossettisserie.

Do I really need to say it? If you are a vegetarian…Just. Don’t.


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