Cafe Cats in Antibes, France

The “cat cafe” concept has swept Japan, conquered America, and now it has arrived to the Cote D’Azur. Cafe Cats is a small restaurant/cafe that opened a few months ago in the old town of Antibes. In collaboration with the organization “Les Chats du Mercantour,” Cafe Cats hosts 4 beautiful cats that are up for adoption.


Downstairs, there is a tiny kitchen that serves up a small variety of Lebanese dishes. (I haven’t eaten there yet, so I can’t tell you how it is). As for the coffe, it is the same price as other cafes in the area, and in many cases even cheaper.


To be with the cats while enjoying a beverage, we went upstairs. The “cat room” is clean and has plenty of toys for the cats to play with. The room itself isn’t anything fancy, but I don’t think that matters for true cat lovers. (Like me!!!) It is, however, very clean and made me feel right at home. When we arrived, there were three cats lounging around on the chairs and the couch. After about 15 minutes, you can imagine our surprise when a fourth cat darted out from under the sofa!


Even if you can’t adopt a cat, stop in and give them a pet. All of the cats that were there were super cute and playful. Actually, two of them are already adopted, so once they leave, two new ones will make their way to Cafe Cats! Meow!


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