The Mini Sandwich…

Yesterday, I spent hours exploring Milan, Italy. By about 11.30 or so, I was famished, of course! Naturally, I found the most delicious looking pizzeria-bakery in the city center to satisfy my hunger.


The pizza looked absolutely amazing. I was lusting after a piece of roasted vegetable pizza with a creamy white sauce-untill I noted the price! Not wanting to spend almost 5 euro and ruin my appetite, I decide to get a perfect snack-sized panino filled with mortadella and cheese.


You might be able to infer from the picture that this was a tiny piece of heaven. The bread was out of this world and do we really need to talk about mortadella? Amazing! There was only one small problem…Going to pay, I had to fork over TRE euro a.k.a. three euro for this baby sandwich!!!!!!! What?!?!

Milan 1, Alison 0.


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