Trussardi Cafe in Milan, Italy

Milan is known both for the high-fashion brands that call the city home and for their abundant aperitivo. My bff found the perfect way to mesh the two together: aperitivo at Trussardi Cafe. Located right next to the famous La Scala opera house, Trussardi Cafe is frequented by the fashionable, the rich and the famous. Being none of the above, let’s add it is also frequented by people who enjoy a good drink.


We decided to relax on the Cafe’s glass-enclosed terrace rather than inside by the bar. The terrace was the perfect place to people watch and unwind from a long day cruising Milano on foot. When we arrived, there was hardly anyone in the bar. As aperitivo time approached, the place quickly filled up. We even got to see the Italian paparazzi in action following some big-wig into his apartment.


For the first drink, we both decided to go with the “Taste of Milano.” It consisted of 3 shots of Trussardi’s original cocktails for 18 euro. The first drink, the “Campari Shakerato,” was fine. Nothing more than Campari, shaken with ice and served with an orange peel.  I happen to be a Campari connoisseur, so I wanted to move on to the more complex drinks. The next was called the Mi.To. Holy Yum. This was a mix of Campari and Carpano Antica Formula and bitters, simple in theory but a complex new taste for me. The last tiny drink was the Rhubarb and Gin. This was highly appreciated, especially since it was something that I probably wouldn’t be able to recreate at home. Rhubarb cordial, gin, lime powder and perhaps some other magic component.


The “Taste of Milan” was so well-recieved, we decided to order another round, though this time a Mi.To for me and a Rhubarb and Gin for the bff. I have to say, the drink prices were not bad for such a fancy-schmancy place. They run about 12 euro for the most part, which is pretty much the standard price here in France at any given bar. Let’s not forget that these are some pretty inventive drinks too, not just your standard mojito. Plus, the food that they give you to snack on is pretty delicious. (Tartare sliders!)


I daresay we could have stayed there all night. Between the drinks, the snacks and the people watching, I was in heaven. Alas, at a certain point, the hunger can no longer be mollified with wasabi peanuts and olives alone. We headed off into the foggy Milan night to find ourselves a place for dinner. Stay tuned.


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