Adulis Restaurant in Milan, Italy

The first night I arrived in Milan, my bff and I indulged in the typical Milanese tradition of aperitivo before dinner. Then another. Then perhaps another. And wait, was that another?! By the time 9 p.m. rolled around, we were famished.


Just down the street from the second bar we went to was an Eritrean restaurant a friend suggested for us to try. Alas, it was closed, so we continued on our aperitivo/dinner quest. It was at the Lelephant Bar that I noticed a signboard on the next block. Taking a quick jaunt down the street, it was to my surprise an…Eritrean restaurant! (Milan is chock-full of them, since at one point in time Eritrea was an Italian colony.)


After our fourth and last aperitivo of the night, we stumbled walked into the Adulis Restaurant. The restaurant’s two rooms were rather busy for a Tuesday night, but not packed. While perusing the menu, the server nicely asked if we needed any help as to deciding what to order. We decided to start off with the Sambussa filled with meat and veggies. I am not lying when I say that this Eritrean sambussa is by a long shot the absolute, very best meat-in-a-pastry-dough-package I have ever tasted. Ever. The dough was chewy and thick. The meat filling was spicy, but just right. The whole thing was piping hot right out of the frier. You can imagine that in my sambussa rapture I overdid it and burnt my mouth.



For the main part of the meal, we went with two different meat dishes to share: the kifto and the beef zighini. Oh, what a plate! Both were excellent, but I personally preferred the kifto. Tiny chunks of very lightly sautéed beef were covered in Eritrean butter and spices. On the side, they served a fairly spicy, but tasty sauce to accompany it. The zighini was delicious as well, but let’s just say the kitfo was fan.freaking.tastic enough to make me forget about the other beef. There were vegetables too-lentils, spinach and cabbage. We tried them, but the meat was where it’s at.


Of course, I am forgetting one very important aspect of an Eritrean dinner.


How I love that sourdough-y taste and spongy texture! Ingera rocks my socks and it’s something I don’t have to the chance to eat nearly enough of. Good thing Adulis’s portions of ingera were very generous.


It was a terrible shame that we couldn’t even finish half of what we had. The food was sooooo good, but too much is too much. The quality of the foods was the absolute top, the service was fast and the price was fair. The two of us paid 20 euro each for an amazing dinner. Plus, at the end of the meal, the owner with the most beautiful eyes in the world (seriously, go and check him out!) offered us a limoncello!

I consider myself lucky I don’t live in Milan, as I fear I would have a VERY hard time staying away from this place!


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