The Boidem in Milan, Italy

The Boidem is one of the newest hotspots to open on the 5 Vie in Milan. They are a concept restaurant that offers dishes inspired by the city of Tel Aviv. They also sell clothing and accessories from Israeli and Italian designers. By the way, the menu is all vegetarian and they try to use only organic or biodynamic ingredients!

When we went, we just missed out on the lunch specials, so we ordered straight from the menu. It was a bit of a shame because The Boidem does offer nice lunch specials! (Read: Much cheaper than the normal menu!)


Our appetizer, the hummus arrives shortly after we order it with two small, homemade pita breads. The presentation is pretty much the standard but I have a serious problem with a few aspects of the dish. First, the portion size was tiny. Minuscule. Petit. Piccolo. For the price, 7 euro, I would have expected a little bit more. Maybe it was because it was fashion week? Furthermore, I just didn’t enjoy the taste. It wasn’t exceptionally creamy, it was rather watery-tasting, and it could have used a bit more salt. I could have plopped myself on a street corner with a tub of Sabra and a bag of baby carrots and would have been more satisfied. The homemade pita needs serious work, in my humble opinion. It was far too salty and the texture was not conducive to scooping up hummus. Would I go as far to as to say it was just plain bad? Maybe I would.



The humus put a small dent in our hunger, but it didn’t hold us over for long. Thankfully the mains arrived quite rapidly after. I decided to go for the falafel. Almost instantly I regretted my decision. More pita, more hummus. There was also another hummus-like dip, but that too was watery and tasteless. It was also served with a tasty, but not well seasoned tomato/cucumber salad. At least the falafel themselves were phenomenal. The outsides were crunchy, the insides were smooth and peppered with a great spice mix. My friend got spinach and leek patties served with a sheep’s milk yogurt and mushrooms. While this dish didn’t particularly bowl me over either, I did enjoy it more than my own. I assume this was mostly due to the stronger flavor profile of the dish. And perhaps because there was no hummus in there.



In two, we paid about 40 euros. I wasn’t really too happy to fork that money over because I honestly didn’t enjoy the meal. I love the fact that everything was organic and prepared fresh. The service was good but not necessarily friendly The store/restaurant itself was pretty cool. But this doesn’t make up for the fact that the food was under seasoned and in some cases, like the bread, just plain bad. I hope that they can get it together.


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