Juicing in Nice

This morning I woke up super early to get to Nice for a free medical exam. This involved many a test, including a FASTED blood test.

Now, you all can surely imagine how please I was to drag my arse out of bed at 6:30 and wait until at least 10:30 to get some FOOD in my system. (Kidding, for a complete medical check-up for free, I can handle that!) Being good, since I just had a full check-up and all, I decided to hop on the bus so I could make it back to Vence in time for school.

A.k.a: no lunch in Nice.

However, I did pass by a restaurant/juice bar that I have been meaning to try. I picked up a “Veggie” juice from SO Green in Place Massena. Carrot juice, ginger, and celery juice-HEALTHY!!!! And I liked it. (Disclaimer: I LOVE it when you can taste the HEALTH in foods!)


SO Green’s juices were pleasantly surprising. The last time I got a juice in Nice was from the chain ZUMO. While it was a decent juice, they didn’t put any ice in it! Ewww! At SO Green, they put a tiny bit of ice in to make things more refreshing. Of course, the juices don’t come cheap. A cup is 5 euro. (Compare that to the usual 3/4 euro for a Coke in a restaurant though and it seems more reasonable.)

Am I healthier yet?


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