Return to Le Banthai in Nice, France

I finally had the chance to bring the bf to Le Banthai a few days ago! Like the first time, the food was absolutely amazing.


To start off we got the “Nems Aux Legumes,” the Banthai’s version of spring rolls. Holy moly-let me tell you these were the BEST veggie spring rolls I have ever had in France. Piping hot, what set these bad boys apart from the rest are the herbs inside of the rolls. Vegetables mingle with hints of lemongrass, ginger and mint. I found that this really lightened up the roll and gave it a different touch. Although they were good, I must say that the price is a bit high. For what would be 3 or 4 medium sized spring rolls, we paid 12 euro. At least they were delectable!


For the main dishes, the bf went with pork fried rice. It was delicious, but once again the price (in my opinion, of course!) was a tad high. As for me, I went with the pork Laab with rice. This is one of my absolute favorite Thai dishes EVER so I was excited to see how Le Banthai’s was. Basically, it is ground meat quickly stir fried with delicate Thai spices. Overall, it was decent. There were plenty of herbs and it was well spiced and seasoned. However, there were these tiny specks of some hard spice that bothered me. No idea what they were, but they were small and crunchy. Anyways, I wouldn’t hesitate to get it again. And the portion was super filling.



Once again, the service was really great. The owner takes good care of the clients, which is nice to see in a city where customer service is absolutely lacking. I hope there’s a chance that I can get back there before it’s time to leave France, but the clock is ticking.


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