Ladurée in Cannes, France

It seems like I can finally be a bona-fide food blogger now that I’ve made the pilgrimage to a Ladurée store!


I took advantage of a day trip to Cannes to hit up the local outpost of the chic Parisian pastry store. From the outside, Ladurée has some of the most amazing window displays. On the inside, the choices become very difficult. The pastries look too perfect to be both edible and delicious. Then, you have the macaroons. Lines and lines of the perfect bite-sized French snack. Oh, they have ice cream, too!


Deciding to go light on the desserts, I simply got a strawberry-marshmallow macaroon and the fleur d’oranger ice cream. Honestly, the macaroon did not bowl me over. The should-be lusciously silky texture was at once both crumb-y and sticky. The macaroon itself was aesthetically perfect, but the cookie was rather bland and the texture wasn’t great. The marshmallow interior was sticky and stringy. The whole thing just didn’t jive as I was hoping it would have.


But oh, the ice cream! Ladurée has outdone themselves. The first struggle is just to choose what flavor to get. They offer fruit sorbets and creamy flavors like chocolate, verbena and glazed chestnuts. I went with the orange flower flavor. Wow. Wow. Wow. The flavor was just the right potency, natural and not too sweet. The über-creamy texture mixed with the delicate orange flower flavor was the perfect treat on a hot day in the south of France.



I was definitely disappointed by the macaroon, but I think that I won’t give up on Ladurée just yet. Next time I will go for a classic flavor like chocolate or something like that. The ice cream made up for what I didn’t love about the macaroon. I could see that becoming a serious addiction. While the macaroon prices were pretty much the same as everywhere else (about 2 euro per piece), the ice cream was a bit more expensive. For the smallish cup, it was 5.80, expensive even by French Riviera standards.

What flavor should I try next?


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