The (Barely) Underground Tour of Nice…

How amazing is it to take underground tours? I feel like they are almost instantly more interesting than their above-ground counterparts. Why? Besides the obvious fact that you are underground, I love the sensations the underground evokes. You quite simply enter into a new world. There is a feeling of excitement as you descend and that element of surprise is always present. The underground world is just a bit more mysterious than its’ sunny counterpart.


Imagine my delight when I found out that Nice has their very own underground! I even waited until my parents came so we could go exploring together. Knowing painfully little about the city’s history, I though this tour was a great way to learn more.

Boy, was I wrong.


Compared to other underground tours, this was seriously a disappointment. After having descended about one and a half flights of stairs, we were “underground.” We were led around the very small underground section of the old city of Nice while our trusty tour guide droned on in French. He was very knowledgeable, but I can only stand so much about bastions, ramparts and the like.

Save your time and skip the underground Nice tour. Need an idea as to what to do instead? A bottle of rosé at a sun-drenched café sounds like a much better alternative.


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