Alberto Marchetti gelato in Milan, Italy

Call me crazy, but I don’t love to eat gelato/ice cream during the summer. The whole heavy, milky deal doesn’t usually work for me under the hot sun. I prefer to wait until the weather starts to get a little crisp and fall-like or once spring starts to warm things up. Then, I can indulge.

When I was in Milano, the weather was just perfect for gelato! After a healthy lunch, my friend and I stumbled upon a nice-looking independent gelateria. (Nowadays in Italy, national, regional, and citywide chains abound.) I’m sure you can tell what happened next.


One of the main things that I appreciated about the Alberto Marchetti gelateria were the flavors. They had nothing strange, nothing artificial and put an emphasis on special flavors indigenous to Northern Italy.


When I saw they had bunet (bonet) on the list, I flipped out and started jumping up and down and clapping. My outbreak was because that is one of my favorite desserts in the history of desserts. The chocolate gelato was sinfully creamy with tiny pieces of amaretto cookies strewn in and a hint of rum. For my other flavor, I chose farina bona, which tasted like a delicately roasted corn flake. Turned into dreamy, creamy gelato, of course.

Can you believe me when I say I literally was on my way back for more, but my friend physically restrained me from re-entering the establishment?!?! Not wanting to cause (another) scene, I decided to wait it out for more Milan deliciousness.


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