When Life gives you Truffles….

            While my parents were here, the chef and I decided to make them truffled brie with our excess supply of black truffles. (That’s a problem everyone has, right?) We had no recipe, just the suggestions from the cheese lady to go by. Nobody complained, that’s for sure, but….I will be honest, I really do prefer the store bought stuff.


            Preparation was rather simple. We got a huge chunk of brie de Mieux and a wedge of a cheese called Brillat –Savarin. The first step was to horizontally cut the brie in half as if it were the bread for a very delicious, very fatty sandwich. Then, an excellent chopper finely chopped 4 or 5 black truffles into oblivion. We mixed half of the truffles into the Brillat-Savarin and the other half we blended into a cream with a tiny bit of milk. The truffle cream was then fully integrated to the cheese and truffle mixture. Finally, that was spread on the bottom layer of brie and the top was put back on. (As usual, we made way to much truffle/cheese filling, but it made a great pasta sauce the day after!)


            As I said, no one complained. I woulda pegged them in the head with a black truffle if they did. (Kidding. Or not.) Unfortunately, as one can imagine from the photos, the truffle part and the brie part didn’t really meld into one as they should have. Brie is meant to be enjoyed at room temperature, but the creamy filling got a bit too creamy as it sat out. I suppose we will be wiser for the next time life throws truffles at us.


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