The best coffee granita in Rome @ Caffe Tazza D’Oro

One of the best treats I have found in Rome is thanks to our great family friend, Alex. On my confusing first days in Rome, he selflessly shuttled my family around showing us the ropes and some good places to eat too. Perhaps one of my favorites that he suggested for us to try is the coffee granita from Caffe Tazza d’Oro near the Pantheon.


            In summertime, you know when you are getting close to Tazza d’Oro. Tourists mill around with small plastic cups in hand tasting one of Rome’s best granitas. Once you see the café itself, crowds are out the door. (It’s so bad that they even installed coffee vending machines on the outside of the establishment.) But trust me, fighting the crowd is so worth it.

Where the magic happens.
Where the magic happens.

            You’ve got one layer of homemade whipped cream on the bottom, followed by nice serving of coffee granita. Right on top is another swirl of the whipped cream. Simple, but delicious, light and a great hit of caffeine. I like how the cream kind of gets frozen-y when it stays in contact with the granita. Some like to eat the layers as they appear, others are mixers. Either way, it’s a must-try in Rome no matter what season it is.



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