GoEatRepeat in Italia!

After what seemed to be the longest day in the history of the universe, I have finally touched down in Naples, Italy. Moving the contents of your entire (European) life is quite hard work.


At 6 am sharp, I was already toting over-stuffed suitcases down the narrow, high stairs of our apartment building. No coffee, no bathroom, I just (surprisingly) jumped right into the game. Loading up the car was like Tetris times 1000. When I say the car was packed to the gills, I mean it. We couldn’t have fit in anything else and we ended up throwing out a ton of stuff. (R.I.P. fake Ugg boots. Sigh.) I did the whole 10+ hour trip with my fat baby cat on my lap. Ouch.

By 11:30 we were on the road to get the very last French things done. Documents, tire-inflating to the max, and a full tank of gas. Surprisingly, we had almost no traffic the entire way-more than 900 kilometers and 10 or so hours of driving. The weather held out-until we hit Rome. Then all hell broke loose. Rain was coming down in buckets, thankfully the thunder made it easier to see the road. After an hour or so of the most stressful driving ever, the rain just stopped.

On the road down to Naples, it was so nice and warm we even had the windows down. Now it’s time to get set up here and see what Naples has to offer. Again!


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