The first meal in Jakarta

So, I’ve spent the past few hours wandering around Jakarta. What a city!!! It makes the traffic of Naples look like a waltz and the chaos was a bit much. Nevertheless, we ended up getting a pretty good meal in.

The appetiser was a freshly fried up Martabak telor. Imagine a sheet of fresh dough stretched out Bible paper thin, then filled with a mixture of who knows what. For sure there is egg and spring onion, together with two white powders……salt and??????. The ensemble is folded, fried and cut up before your eyes. Alone, it is great but add the slightly sweet, slightly tangy sauce and it’s amazing. We ate that with an ice cold Heineken on the side of the street.

Then, we saw a little joint that caught our eye. Open to the street, the simple restaurant served a few different dishes but we ended up with a congee-like rice porridge topped with meat. Don’t get me wrong, it was good. It was just not exactly what I hoped for on a steamy hot first night in the big Durian. On a very positive note, they served the most amazing jasmine iced tea EVER!!!! Just sweet enough, with a strong jasmine flavor.


And for dessert we went back to the Martabak stall to get the sweet version. This cake has a crumpet like texture and filled with a variety of delicious fillings. We got chocolate because the person before us got it and it looked great. Using the old point and thumbs up method, we walked home happy with a heavy chocolate-y, condensed milky cake. Oh, and a beer.


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