Touchdown in Bali!!!

After a pretty rough arrival in Bali…..Things have started to look up a bit.

Here I was expecting a laid-back island arrival, but Bali hit hard.

Off the air plane, we were greeted by the longest customs line in the history of the world.

Once we stepped out of the luggage claim….BOOM! Two tired and slightly ill travelers were taken back and awed by the vicious human mass awaiting us. Taxi drivers. Unlike I’ve ever seen, each and every Balinese taxi driver seemed to offer their services, insistently. Too insistently for my tastes. I read online about a bus service to the city that was no where to be found. Then, there was the heat. Singapore was like the Artic Circle compared to Bali’s infernal temperature. Add in the backpacks….sweat city.


Once we arrived in our guest house (after taking a taxi, finally), we found the conditions fairly dismal. That’s ok, because we paid 12 euro a night. When we saw (and smelled) that they didn’t change the sheets after the last guest – that was the last straw. We asked for new sheets…which were cleaned but had what was clearly bloodstains. Don’t know…Don’t want to know. We got new ones, again.

After that, we were expecting to get a good meal and some Bintangs. The beer side of that wish was granted times three but because it was so late we ended up having Oreos in the room.

Today we searched around and found a better hotel for the next four days. I’m ready to experience the real Bali….


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