Stuck in Kuta…

Our last stop on Bali, before heading back to Jakarta, is the original tourist destination….Kuta. I’ve got to say…what a mess! Restaurants are expensive and honestly, not that great.  Once again, we are hounded by taxi drivers, massage parlors and souvenir sellers. Arggh.
Today the sun is shining, so we decide to hit the beach. Big mistake! The water is riddled with garbage. There were a few brave souls tempting fate, but I wouldn’t get near that water for a million bucks. Of course, if it’s in the water, it’s gonna wash up on shore. Between sun – blackened coconuts and driftwood, there were lone flip flops, lots of plastic cups and everything else you could image.
I don’t know if the whole of Kuta’s shoreline is like this, but it was really a disappointment. Not just because we couldn’t take a dip in the ocean, but for the devastating impact on the beauty and environment of this place. I hope for the future Indonesia will get it together and start a viable plan to clean up their shores and keep them that way.

Kuta beach

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