My mind has been blown and maybe my brain has been fried…by the spiciest damn food I have ever eaten. For a quick lunch we headed to a little place I had my eye on. D’warung is a pretty typical Indonesian place serving up Nasi campur and other delights. That’s what we got  it I was in for a surprise.


They ain’t plating up your typical, bland tourist – orientated food here. No sir, you get a real taste of what Indonesian spice is all about. This was the spiciest food EVER. Basically everything was riddled with green and red chilli…They pack a punch. A punch to the mouth.
I had to stop eating in the middle to let the burn die down. It didn’t. I felt like my lips were coated in a lipstick from hell. The inside of my mouth didn’t burn the least, surprisingly. My iced tea was gone in a matter of seconds.


I kept going.
The tofu was so amazing, covered in a slightly bitter sauce redolent with fresh herbs and spices. The squid…fresh lemongrass and garlic brought a fresh touch. Fried tempeh was perhaps the blander of the bunch. Then there were the potatoes. Those bastards must have been grown in cayenne pepper, not soil. I didn’t touch the sambal.
By the end,  I thought I was dying. I was drinking water like I just finished a marathon. I thought maybe I was having an allergic reaction to the peppers. Had someone secretly injected my lips with a potent super – burn serum? I asked if my lips were visibly bigger. Here I was, ready to become a professional Mick Jagged impersonator. The size of my lips hadn’t changed.
I consoled myself with another iced tea, this time using it as an ice bath for my lips kissed by Satan himself.


Well, that was an experience.


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