How to get to Gili Trawangan

Getting to the beautiful island of Gili T is pretty easy from most of the principal tourist zones on Bali. After much deliberation, we decided simply to reserve with one of the tourist stalls outside of our Ubud hostel. For 900,000 rupiah, we had a shuttle to the port, a fast boat with the company Wahana and our return ticket all sorted out.
Obviously, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. We waited in Padang Bai for almost three hours before the boat left. Half of that was spent in their specially built open air sauna…aka the docks. Every single person was literally drenched in sweat and the situation didn’t ameliorate on the boat.
Packed in like sardines in the tiniest seats imaginable, there was no air flow. Sweat city. As we were taking off, the interior clouded up with gas fumes. Thankfully that didn’t last long enough to completely asphyxiate all of us.


After a quick stop on Lombok, we arrived to Gili T. Now comes the best part! To get off the boat…you have to walk from the back of the boat to the front…on the super small side ledge. The possibility of falling off into the turquoise blue water was very real.
But isn’t that what everyone goes to the Gili islands for?


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