Finding Shrooms on Gili T

While most drugs are COMPLETELY and TOTALLY illegal in Indonesia, there seems to be a certain loophole in the laws for….Magic Mushrooms. Yup, hallucinogenic mushrooms are legal in Indonesia and sold lots of places on Bali and Gili T. Strange since the punishments for the traffic and consumption of drugs there is uber-harsh. Anyway…

We didn’t notice as many places selling them as I had thought we would find on Gili T. Ya know, there were a few chalkboards offering to “Take you to the moon and back with Dr. Looooove,” but it wasn’t overtly present. Naturally, the locals did try to sell us shrooms and other substances. On Bali (Kuta to be exact), we were just walking down the street and a guy handed us a business card.

Fruits and veggies on Gili T
Fruits and veggies on Gili T

If you’re going to indulge, buying these babies from a reputable source is a must. That would mean a decent looking mushroom warung or cafe. Maybe a fellow with a nice looking business card, if that’s what floats your boat. Unless you are a shroom expert and willing to go mucking around in cow shit, leave it to the “experts.”

That being said, we did NOT indulge in this local delicacy on our trip! Could I imagine myself tripping out on shrooms while navigating the muddy, horse and carriage-trafficked back alleys of Gili T? Being too transfixed by the blinking lights to notice I was wading out into the waves? Flipping out and waking up the babies at my home stay? Tempting fate and the powers of my already fragile digestive system with traces of straight up fresh poo? Um…no thanks on all accounts.


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