The Great Sugar Revolt of 2014….

Troubles are a brewin’, I can just feel it. For a while, hushed voices whispered the first signs of dissent. Now, those voices have become louder. And now, we will find a way to take action!

Welcome to the Great Sugar Revolt of 2014. It couldn’t have come at a worse time.

Traditionally for Sunday lunch, we get pastries from a certain bakery here in Naples. It’s certainly not the best place, but in the past their sweets have been fairly good. As time has passed and we have eaten them every damn Sunday, we have started to get a bit sick of these mini-delights. I find them to be heavy, monotonously flavored and just not as good as they used to be. Plus, there are new pastry shops opening every day, it seems, here in Napoli. This is, of course, not to even mention the old standbys!

Well, I am fed up. And it’s not just me. There is more than one family member who shares my quasi disgust at the sight of these buggers. We know things need to change, and need to change soon before the Christmas/New Year’s season is in full swing! As things are going, we have two ideas as to how to bring this revolution about. (Sometimes honest is not the best policy.)

The pastries in question....
The pastries in question….

One: We avoid eating the desserts. Period. Our disinterest will cause people to think that we disdain their choice in desserts. Exactly what we want. Pros: Possible weight loss. Cons: No end of the meal yums.

Two: We say that we will take care of the desserts. Slyly work it in now that it is Christmas and keep it going after the holiday season. Let them taste the difference and I know they will support our cause. Pros: Spongey baba, flaky, ricotta-y sfogliatelle…I better stop. Cons: Possible weight gain. An extra 20-30 euro down the gullet a week.

(Passive aggressive much?)

How do you kindly tell a family member that maybe it’s time to switch things up a bit? What’s you advice for me? Help me get the sweets I want for Christmas!! 🙂


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