A Trip to the Singapore Night Zoo!

As I see it, a zoo is a zoo is a zoo. Some are a bit nicer than others, some a bit larger, but all in all…It’s pretty much the same deal. So, when I heard about the Singapore Night Zoo, I was intrigued. The animals there are all nocturnal, so once the sun goes down, they come alive.

Arriving to the zoo, we eschew the WAY overpriced food options but still snag front row seats for the fire show. I’ve got to say, this 15 minute show is pretty amazing! Three fire-breathers whirl and twirl their little burning hearts out. Of course, the highlight is the actual fire-breathing. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.



We did attend the animal show before we started the real tour of the zoo. Meh. We could have skipped it in hindsight. But, I guess it IS cool to see otters who know how to recycle.


Then, the real fun starts! It takes about two hours to walk through the zoo, stopping to look at all of the animals. Even though it was a bit hard to see the animals really well, it was cool to see them more active than normal. Plus, I really love how the zoo makes the experience interactive. You get to walk through the Bat Cave, the Wallaby habitat and a few others. The Bat Cave was pretty freaking hilarious-I went through with a copy of the zoo’s map over my head. Screams were heard. The highlight for me was seeing a Slow Loris….aka the world’s cutest animal.

These are only glowing scorpions people, GLOWING SCORPIONS!
These are only glowing scorpions people, GLOWING SCORPIONS!


There is also a train that takes you through to other parts of the zoo not accessible by foot. We came close to lots of deer, cows and some others. It was a nice way to relax after quite a bit of walking in Singapore’s heat.


Overall, I left the Night Zoo pretty content. Their layout was logical and easy to follow. There were often two or three different lookout points to view each animal, so you could always find a good view. It was hard to take decent pictures, but it was nice to just walk around and observe the animals. This is definitely an attraction that can be easily popped into even a very short trip to Singapore, as we did.


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