Goodbye to a Neapolitan Legend: Pino Daniele

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Image courtesy of

Yesterday, we woke up to some sad news: one of Italy’s most loved singers, Pino Daniele, had died. The news was taken especially hard in Naples as Pino was born here. Lots of his songs were in the Neapolitan language and were featured in classic Neapolitan movies. He was truly an integral part of bringing Neapolitan culture and music to a wider audience in Italy and around the world.

His music has been playing non-stop on the radio and TV. Occasionally, I’ve heard people start singing Daniele’s songs quietly to themselves. It’s quite sad to have lost such a talented musician.

Being a believer that good music has no language, I invite everyone to take a minute to listen to a few of Pino Daniele’s songs on YouTube. Whether you can understand it or not, his voice and music is truly an amazing representation of Neapolitan music.


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