Our stay at Hati Bungalows on Gili T!

After arriving to Gili T, the first thing we did was plop ourselves down in a bar and got us a Bintang. The second was troll Agoda for a decent accomodation. I found a fine looking place,  the Little Woodstock Homestay. After the beer was gone, we set off on a very bumpy carriage ride to the homestay. Unfortunately, it didn’t strike our fancy so we set off in search for a place we liked.


We popped our heads in every homestay we came across. Nothing special. After a few different places, we found a joint called Hati Bungalows. The room was clean, very clean. The young lady showing us the room was very kind, even though her English was basic. For 9 euros a night,  we would have breakfast and a mosquito net. ( It wasn’t necessary as there were hardly any of the buggers, but I can now cross “sleeping under a mosquito net” off my bucket list.) The only problem: no wifi. Lordy, would we be able to survive a night, let alone 6 or 7, without? We took our chances and threw down the bags. (With intentions to check out some other homestays that night, which we did.) 


Our first night passed brilliantly. The sheets exuded a heavenly profume of CLEAN and here I was underneath a mosquito net! We woke up to the owner, Adi greeting us. He shortly brought us freshly brewed coffee, a banana pancake, eggs and toast and two huge bowls of fruit. We ate a breakfast of champions, a meal fit for a king, as we overlooked the myriad fruit trees blooming in the garden in front of us. It was at that moment that we decided to stay at Hati for  the rest of our stay.
Adi and Co (aka his very extended family) turned out to be marvelous hosts. They were neither intrusive nor invisible, which is hard since we were basically living in their front yard. Adi was always ready to have a chat, but wasn’t overbearing. I felt like our business was greatly appreciated and we greatly appreciated their hospitality. True story: I almost shed a tear when we had to leave.


After doing a bit of research on the sly and talking to Adi, I found out why Hati Bungalows isn’t the top-rated chill out accomodation on TripAdvisor or even found online. He said he wants to get the place looking really great and maybe add in another bungalow before he goes online. Truth be told, Hati is right on par with every place else on the island and the place looks great.

Where can you find Hati Bungalows? Gili T is a small island! All you need to do is ask!


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