This Ain’t Your Typical Meatloaf!

Oh no, this is the BEST, most delicious,  yummiest meatloaf EVER created! There’s not much to it either, though I don’t know the exact recipe. Yet.


Ground meat is mixed with tasty day old bread from here in Naples. I know bread from other areas in Italy won’t achieve the same result. Salt and pepper, obviously. Then garlic and parsley are added to the mixture, but taken out before the loaf is shaped.
Notice that little pinwheel effect we’ve got going on in there? Yeah – that’s none other than ham, pancetta and provola cheese getting mixed and melty and more delicious that you could ever imagine.
Before the whole thing heads in the oven, it’s washed with a bit of butter and white wine to give it a nice crust. The result, I daresay, would make meatloaf your new favorite food.


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