That Time I got Free Candy from Ernst Knam in Milan!

While wandering the streets of Milano, my bff and I happened to come along the most inviting looking CHOCOLATE SHOP! (But aren’t they all inviting, though?!)


Seeing a lovely display of rainbow-colored choco-logs from the outside, I knew I would leave Milan a grump if I didn’t try at least one. So, we head in for a pre-lunch snack attack. Nico gets a pink pepper, passion fruit and mango as well as a milk chocolate variety. I decide on milk chocolate with tonka bean and….and…and…guess who couldn’t make a decision between extra virgin olive oil, white chocolate and taggiasche olive or plain dark chocolate.


I really love to try crazy flavors like chocolate and olive, but a lot of times they leave me disappointed. The classics rarely tend to let you down, hence why they are classics. As this and more whizzed about in my brain, I asked the vendor her opinion. Just to put more wood on the fire, so to say. The lovely store keeper must have sensed a serious internal debate going on inside of me, something that I was only letting the outside world see a small percentage of. She, doing what any humane person would do, said that she’d throw in the classic dark chocolate log for FREE.



That basically made me the happiest person on the planet. It was a super-nice gesture. First because we get more candy and second because those 4 tiny chunks of chocolate set us back 6 euro. ( I didn’t know at the time, but Ernst Knam is sort of a big deal in the world of Italian pastry. He has his own books and appears on TV and stuff.)

We suppressed my inner-desire to scarf them down right in the store and went to the cafe down the street to enjoy them with coffee. These boys were oh so good; they definitely reached and perhaps exceeded our expectations. (They were just so darn expensive though!) As I had thought, I liked the olive oil one, but let me be frank here-I prefer olives on my pizza or something savory. Sorry. The tonka bean flavor was not really strong enough for me, but then again I loooooove tonka bean. The fruit flavor was where it was at. Is there a better combination than tangy passion fruit and chocolately chocolate?


Anyway, I’d definitely recommend searching for Knam’s chocolate shop if you are in Milan. We happened along the original store, which seems like the only. It’s located on Via Anfossi, 10, not so far outside of the historical center of Milan.


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