New Year’s Eve in Naples, Italy: What a Sight!

People, if you have never been to Naples, Italy for New Years, PLEASE do yourselves a favor and book a flight.



I couldn’t think of a place where I would prefer to celebrate ringing in the New Year. First of all, the food is excellent. There is plenty of it and most of it is hyper-traditional. Second, the city of Naples puts on a truly amazing fireworks display.


Now, wait. It’s not that the city itself puts on a great show. (Anyone who has visited Naples knows that this city is a bit…peculiar.) It’s more like each and every citizen of Naples and the surrounding area takes it into their own hands to have a spectacular pyro show. And we aren’t talking “Daddy, light my sparkler please” kinda stuff, I’m talking professional knock-your-socks-off fireworks.


The morning of the 31st, you already start to hear the early birds shooting off some bombs. As nightfall gets closer, the pretty scary sounds get far more frequent. Once it’s dark out, impromptu firework shows are basically de-rigeur. The legality of the stuff is questionable, but then again many things have questionable legality in this city. Plus, the price is fairly low. I was surprised how a really nice 2 minute pack (called a batteria) of professional-quality ‘works was only 30 euro. (Don’t ask why I know!)


Once the countdown has reached zero, be ready for the show of your life. Naturally the bulk goes off in the first 30 minutes after midnight, but the show lasted about an hour this year. (This is not to mention that the city of Naples actually did a firework show at 1:30 a.m. too.) I was standing out on the terrace giggling like a deranged maniac. I sure do like a good firework show, especially if I’ve got a good glass of bubbly in hand.


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