Skip the Jardin Exotique!

I just came across some pictures from a trip to the Jardin Exotique in Monaco and wanted to blog my two cents about it!


Honestly, this was definitely an attraction that I could have lived without visiting. I do love visiting botanical gardens and the like, but this didn’t bowl me over. Sure, there are a lot of “exotic” plants there; most of them were of the cacti variety. The nice view over the sea and the Principality of Monaco is great, but there are a lot of those that don’t cost 7.30 euro!


Does anyone really go to Monaco to see cacti or plant life?

Be honest.



Let’s just leave Monaco for what it’s meant for: snapping pics of Rolls Royces, fogging up the windows outside of Cartier and secretly hoping all day that an über-rich inhabitant of Monaco will fall madly in love with us and sweep us off our feet.



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