Why You Will Never Taste the Best Pizza Fritta in Naples!

Sorry. It’s true. Unless you’re a good friend of mine, ya probably aren’t gonna be able to get your hands on the best damn pizze fritte the city has to offer.


These are literally the lightest, crunchiest, chewiest and most delicious fried pizzas I have ever eaten. We made two varieties last night. One was a montanara: take your classic fried dough and top that with tomato sauce, fior di latte cheese and a basil leaf. The other was the pizza fritta: dough stuffed with a heavenly mix of ricotta cheese, salami, ciccoli, and more cheese.


The process wasn’t a short one, but it was definitely worth it. The dough was left to rise for more than a day. Then the actual frying took quite a while, since we had a ton of dough. Those bad boys barely had time to cool down before they were heading straight to my mouth.

Want the “Best of” List for fried pizzas in Naples?

1. My house

Check out a little video I made and posted on YouTube by following this link here.


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