Where to Stay in Jakarta

Finding a great budget place to stay in Jakarta is surprisingly not hard at all. During our stay we slept at two different hotels, both were under 30 euros a night.

The first hotel we stayed at in Jakarta is called Whiz Hotel Cikini. This is a chain that has hotels around Indonesia. Normally, a night at Whiz costs about 30 euro, but our first (cheaper) choice of hotel cancelled on us, so Agoda.com gave us this bit of an upgrade. I’ve got to say, I was quite happy with the place. Were there any negatives? The room was on the small side, but we weren’t there to hang out in the room. Also, it is NOT a great place for light sleepers as we heard lots of Jakarta’s traffic outside. Other than that, it was rather clean and sheets were nice and white. I LOVED the breakfast there! Everyday they had two Indonesian choices along with fresh fruit and toast. There was always bubur, which is comforting Indonesian congee rice mushy stuff. Then there were nasi kuning and gado gado that I remember for sure. Sure, not the best if you’re not partial to starting your day off with a bang, but I enjoyed it. Also, the staff was very nice, even though they don’t have the best English skills, and honest. (We left a bottle of perfume there, and the staff quickly returned it to us!) To top it off, Jalan Cikini Raya has tons of great food options and is just a short walk from the Gondangdia station.

The hotel we stayed at for our last three nights in Jakarta was The Packer Lodge @gg. Mangga. This was quite the change from our first hotel, since The Packer Lodge is a hotel/hostel. There are dorm rooms and there are also private rooms. We naturally went with a private, ‘cuz it didn’t cost that much more and I can’t deal with more than one snorer in a room. What I didn’t realize is that I paid a bit less than 20 euro for a very tiny room with bunk beds. Oops. When I say small, I mean you’re gonna get elbowed or bump butts if two people are unpacking at the same time. Good thing someone didn’t have a problem bunking up topside because I didn’t notice that small particular when reserving.

The rest of the structure is pretty cool though. It was sparkling clean and had some hip, stylish drawings on the wall representing the sites of Jakarta. By the way, they made it smell like monoi flowers. (Big plus in my book!!!!) The staff spoke the best English I had heard in Indonesia. Hands down. What’s more, they were super friendly, helpful and hard-working. I really feel like they are trying to create a place that fits the needs of today’s backpacker/budget traveler and are interested in our opinions of the hotel. The hotel sells water and beer and stuff at an unbeatable price, which is good for emergencies. It’s also a short walk to the center of Jakarta. The only downside was….coming from the Whiz Hotel, their simple breakkie of toast made me sad.



All in all, I was pleasantly surprised with the cheaper hotel options in Jakarta. I would gladly stay at both hotels again, and honestly, I would be quite happy to visit Jakarta again.


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