Caffe Gianni: My Favorite Caffe in Naples

Since today IS Valentine’s Day, I wanted to write about a place that I really love here in Napoli. There are literally hundreds of coffee shops here. In fact, it seems like nowadays, cafes and fried food shops are the only things that are actually opening in the city. So it is naturally quite hard to have just one favorite.


However, I can definitely say that Caffe Gianni is at the top of my list. Their coffee is really divine! I’m not quite sure what they do to it, but it is one of the better espresso in the city. There is a nice nutty, cacao-y aftertaste and no bitterness at all. They still serve their coffee already with sugar in it, which many shops are NOT doing any more for some reason. There are a few different varieties they serve too, but they don’t go overboard. (Something most places ARE doing these days here in Naples!) The Gianni, which is topped with freshly whipped cream and a sprinkle of cacao, is my go-to drink. It’s perfect. I especially like to drink it after lunch instead of having dessert since it gives me that caffeine hit and is a nice sweet treat, without being overly heavy.


The cafe itself is nothing special, to be honest. There are a few seats and of course, the bar. What I really loved there was this signboard behind the bar which detailed all of the “special” coffee varieties.  However, the first time I went after returning from France, I was in for a sad surprise. No more signboard!!!! I had to ask the cashier what happened to my beloved sign! Well, you’d never guess. That lovely menu/sign, which gave the place such a great vintage vibe, was taken down for safety reasons. What?! Isn’t this like the epicenter of not following safety precautions?! The capital of living on the edge?


I am quite happy that I had snapped a pic of part of this epic vintage sign before they took it down! I’d love to know where it is now-if they saved it or if it was thrown out in the trash. 🙂

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day everyone!


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