The Sunday Lunch Chronicles

Ah, another Sunday lunch has come and gone. Can I actually write a post through this food coma that’s hitting me hard right now? I’ll try my best but won’t promise anything.

Today we decided to have a Carnivale themed blowout.  The lunch started off with a simple lasagna, aka THE official savory food of Carnivale. It was a delectable surprise to see that the noodles were homemade and the layers were piled high. What component made me inhale my first portion and grab seconds? The ricotta? Maybe it was the mozzarella or the tasty ground meat. I can’t be sure, but there’s not much better than a homemade lasagna. ( In the past, I’ve had much heavier lasagne that use dried salami and hard boiled eggs. Everyone has their own recipe and little touches that make their lasagna special.)


We followed that amazingness with meat from the Ragù. I had a half of a sausage and a bit of tender beef. It seems like we have been having Ragù like every weekend, but I’m not complaining. Then, there was rabbit. Tender, juicy, flavorful – can’t get better than that. We flanked that with some of the ubiquitous friarielli – similar to broccoli rabe.


Things didn’t stop there….DESSERT, please!!! We started off with a nice little apple strudel-y deal. The filling was ridiculous. It didn’t really taste like apples that much, it got to be more of a deep, rich and intense fruit paste. From there, we moved on the the sweets we bought. I had a chiacchiere filled with caramel and covered with chocolate. And finally, we had the fortune to eat homemade chiacchieri!!! I hit those boys with a dusting of powdered sugar and we went to town…as much as one can after a meal like this!




When will the madness end? The good food just doesn’t stop here!


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