Moving on from Bar San Calisto

When in Rome, I was so excited to grab a Peroni at the Bar San Calisto in Trastevere. It was a college (and after) staple because it was conveniently located at the corner of my street. Also, it was open both very early and very late. Bar San Calisto is one of those places that is literally nothing special. The décor probably hasn’t changed since it has opened and the staff is normally pretty much all business.


Oh, and their large bottles of Peroni were 2.50 but I don’t think that had anything to do with my frequent trips there.

San Calisto was always fairly popular. During the day the regulars would sip a coffee and sun themselves on the small terrace. The regulars were mostly of the old-ish man variety, though there was some young blood there too. By night, things got busier. Students, tourists and old-ish men converged on the bar to get their drink on. (Mostly the infamous large Peroni.) Nevertheless, if you were lucky you could still snag an outside table to enjoy your libations. If not, you could still calmly walk over to Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere and enjoy your beer there. Nowadays, things seem to have changed in a big way.

As we entered into the tiny Piazza di San Calisto on a Saturday night, I noticed a GINORMOUS crowd out in front of the bar. Actually, it consumed almost all of that tiny piazza. One of those crowds where you wonder… “What are they giving away?!” I would have needed a machete to fight my way to the cash register. The line was out the door. And we all know Italians are not that good at lines to begin with.

Ah, Rome.

Apparently, the “nothing special” appeal is strong these days.

I was a bit sad to see my old haunt become a hotspot, to be honest. I am glad I knew the bar before it took two hours and a lot of elbowing to simply get a Peroni. Who wants to go through all that hassle just for a Peroni? Let’s be honest, it ain’t the best of the bunch.

The BFF and I were off to look for the next place for a drink, wherever that would be. It seems like a good life lesson. Always remember the fun times, always keep moving ahead and…um, always keep drinking? Cheers.


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