Farmer’s Market Find-Burrino!

Let me start off your weekend with a little question: Is there anything in the world better than cheese?


This generally is a rhetorical question, because, as we all damn well know, there is NOTHING in this world better than cheese. Today, however, I have a solid answer to this age-old stumper. Because I have found something better than cheese. I have found


Not to be confused with its bro burrata, burrino literally translates as “little butter.” Yeah, people, this is

cheese with a butter core. 


The outside is deceiving. We have what looks like the simple, albeit delicious fresh provola. Inside is a whole other story. The cheese’s center is replaced with creamy, farm fresh buttah. It is a cheese typical of the Campania region, although it is fairly hard to come by.

You simply cannot feel guilty about eating this because it is just too delicious.

I was a bit confused though as to how to eat it. Should I scoop the butter out first and eat it on bread? Eat the cheese first? Or maybe the best way was to eat it all at the same time? The lady selling it didn’t give me an answer; she simply giggled at my questions. She knew, I’m sure, that I’d find my way.


Not an hour later, I was at the table. I had a loaf of warm bread sliced and my burrino in front of me. I sliced little butter in half (poor guy!), and then cut a nice slice for my bread. I decide to go for the “all in one” approach where I slather on the butter then top it with cheese.

Heavenly. There may have been a tear of joy shed. Honestly, I would have been happy with one or the other, but put them together (and add in warm bread from the best bakery around) and things are plain and simple out of control.



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