The Sunday Lunch Chronicles: A Lazy Day

Today was a bit of an off Sunday. It was just three of us (me and the chef’s parents), instead of the whole family. I really enjoy having a ton of people over on Sundays because it is really the only time when everyone gets together. We play cards, eat desserts, drink homemade liquors and just catch up on what is going on in everyone’s life. As the saying goes, the more the merrier. But today was a fairly grim day and some of us aren’t feeling super, so we all stayed in our respective homes.


Since we were alone today, things were a bit simpler than usual. For example, we didn’t get any desserts. Sad face. We did, however, have a nice little three course meal planned out for us. Sure doesn’t sound simple, but Italians do love to do it up on Sundays!

The primo today was pasta with a red clam sauce, a bit different from what I consider the “traditional” white way. Pasta with clam sauce always makes me happy because that’s what we always eat on Christmas Eve at my house! Then the secondo was chicken scallopini, cooked in butter and oil and flambeed with Marsala wine. If you haven’t tried finishing off your meat with a touch of Marsala-do it now!!! These two dishes would be followed by fruit and cheese.


Well, it was a good thing we didn’t prepare too much ahead of time. We threw down 500 grams of pasta-for three people. Normally Italians will calculate some 80-100 grams per person, so this was overdoing it a bit. We sat down to the table, and that was hands down the best red clam sauce I have ever tasted in my life! There was the sweetness and acidity from the tomatoes, a nice salty, briny sensation coming from the clams and a bit of spice in there from organically grown country pepperoncino. Also, there was a hint of great quality olive oil. I think that was actually the key-not skimping on the oil. It made everything really come together into a lip-smacking, I-need-thirds kind of dish. Portion control be damned, the three of us at the whole 500 grams!


Needless to say, the scallopini were superfluous. We will save them for tonight or tomorrow. I did finish off the meal with two tiny wedges of cheese. I had some of the burrino, which you can read about here, and some other cheese I bought at the farmer’s market, along with a sweet clementine. Then, if I feel the need later on, there is some Nutella to slather on our special Neapolitan bread. Just in case, ya’ know?

What are your Sunday traditions? Do you go all out or prefer to keep it easy and light? Let me know, I’d love to hear your traditions!


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