A Trip to Gelateria Primavera in Sorrento, Italy

If there is one gelateria you notice while in Sorrento, it will definitely be Primavera! Even during the off season, it is super busy. Come the summer, this place is just jam-packed and slinging cones left and right.

Actually, it is kind of the reason I went to Sorrento.


When the warm weather hits, I start to mentally compile a list of gelaterias I want to visit. This was definitely in the top 5.


I will be the first to admit, their gelatos are not the best in the world. They are good, but I have had better. However, the ambiance at Primavera is so cool that I can overlook that.



Basically half the fun there is choosing what flavor gelato you want. Seems easy, but if you haven’t been to Primavera, you don’t know the struggle. While I don’t know with precision exactly how many they have, the number of flavors most definitely reaches or exceeds 40.


Sweet sassy mo-lassy. It’s ok if you stand there for an hour mesmerized by the variety and terrified to commit yourself. Let’s just say it isn’t a place for the indecisive. You start pondering your innermost self there: Am I a fruit person or a cream person? Do I want to risk it or play it safe with “the usual” flavors? Should I stay on track with a small cup or derail with a 7 euro cone? Hard decisions, but you gotta make ’em.


As for me, this time I went with a rather big 4 euro cone. This meant I could load up with 3 different flavors. I chose creamy lemon, figs and walnut, and torta caprese. (Torta caprese is a local cake made with almonds and dark chocolate!) The creamy lemon was nice, though in Sorrento the lemon sweets tend to miss an acidic component in general. There was nothing to complain about with the fig and local walnut flavor, though I wouldn’t get it again. My top flavor was the torta caprese. The chocolate ice cream was rich and creamy, and there were big hunks of actual cake in there too. They were too big in my opinion, but this was still my favorite flavor of the day.

Anyone out there been to Primavera? What are you fave gelaterias in Naples and the surrounding cities?


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