Cats Around the World!

Whenever I travel, I always come back with so many animal pictures! It’s something that is stronger than me-I just can’t stop myself from snapping away at cuddly kittens and puppy dogs. (Or whatever else I happen upon!)

I know I am not the only one like this out there-hands up if you are an animal lover like me!


Even the cats in Naples have some serious attitude. Fuhgettameowit.


Rooster portraits in Charleston, South Carolina.


Want fruit it Bangkok? This cat will sell it to you for a good price, ka.


A pig to whom I can generally relate.


A baby alien cat at the Maritime Museum in Jakarta.


There’s a reason this dog looks so happy. He lives on the beach on Koh Chang island, Thailand. Can he adopt me?


When French cats come a-knocking, you answer the door. Then they start to eat your foie gras and chèvre. (At least they don’t drink your wine!)


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