The Sunday Lunch Chronicles: Gnocchi Like Lead

A few days late, but nevertheless I still have a new edition of the Sunday Lunch Chronicles for you all!



Let me just say that I have been dying for a good gnocchi dish for a long time. They are definitely one of my favorite foods ever-I just can’t understand if you don’t like them. So, when we decided to have gnocchi alla sorrentina for Sunday’s lunch, I was one happy camper. Just imagine, hearty potato dumplings smothered in a rich tomato sauce with melted provola cheese generously mixed in. To make things even better, we coated the top with ground parmesan cheese and baked it in the oven to get a nice, toasty crust.

The “nice, toasty crust” I just mentioned never actually happened because we were all so hungry that we took it out a bit early. Oh well. The gnocchi were served up and all was good. Until I got about halfway through my plate. Man, were those little buggers heavy! They just sank to the bottom of my stomach, joined forces and created a brick-like formation in my stomach. It’s a shame we couldn’t make them and had to buy them from a pasta shop…I guess that is what you get.


After that, no one was really hungry, but we still had a long way to go. First, we had the meat from the sauce we used for the gnocchi (a.k.a. the traditional ragu sauce). In addition to the usual cuts, like pork ribs and beef shoulder, we also added in braciole upon my request. These are otherwise know by Italian-Americans out there as Brawshol, thin slices of beef filled with parsley, garlic, pine nuts and raisins. I was a bit disappointed by these to be honest. We bought them from a butcher already made, and they just didn’t compare to the brawshol of a vaguely Italian-American childhood.


From there, we went on to the sausages. These were cooked in the oven with a bit of white wine and rosemary and served with two kinds of broccoli. Seriously, at that point we were all just stuffed, but sometimes stuff is so good you have to keep eating. The only way to handle a meal like that is hop under the covers and nap it off.



After a nap, it was time for a little sugar rush to wake up. We got dessert from a different pastry shop than the usual. (The hint that we hated the usual was taken into consideration, thankfully.) Leopoldo is a city-wide chain that makes all different sorts of desserts and also some savory treats as well. I was pleasantly surprised by them to be honest. My favorite was a little Oreo-inspired number. It consisted of a chocolate cookie shell filled with two different kinds of Oreo creamy goodness!!!

What did you guys have for Sunday Lunch?!


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