A Little Trip to Veg In Italy

One of my favorite pastimes here in Naples is to simply walk. Most of the time I have no specific route in mind, so I just go where the breeze takes me. This is awesome because I always end up coming across lots of very new or very old places. (A lot of times I kind of feel like a mini Google. Need to know where to find cilantro? Hefty, live Chinese carp? Need vegetarian restaurants or where to find spumoni? …Yes, I can help you on all accounts.)



Well, the other day I came across a rather new cafe called Veg in Italy. I was craving a green juice so bad and I knew that this would be like the only place in the city where I could satisfy my urge for liquefied veggies! I was the only person in the place, which I suppose can be expected at an off time like 5p.m. Also, vegetarian/vegan restaurants are a bit of a novelty in Southern Italy. You can count the number of veg restaurants in Naples on one hand, and I don’t think I am exaggerating. I feel like a lot of people might head in because of the strategic, “chic” location and not because they are specifically searching out vegetarian food. (Could definitely be wrong on that though…)


I can’t vouch for the food, but I was quite happy with the selection of freshly pressed juices Veg in Italy offered. There were two different categories: centrifugati and estratti. The first are made with a centrifugal juicer. This would be akin to the cheaper models on the market that get the job done but aren’t terribly efficient juicing things like leafy greens. (Think that Jack LaLanne beaut from late night infomercials.) The estratti are done with a cold press juicer, which supposedly spurts out more nutrition and enzymes.

I went with the Green Passion Elixir-spinach, parsley, celery, green apple, and spirulina!  Can you actually get any healthier than that? I hesitate to believe you can. The mix was really quite good and a lot sweeter than I had imagined. The spirulina was what really worried me, because I tried to down that stuff before solo and YUCK.  However, it seemed like it was just a sprinkling so the taste wasn’t affected too much. The only downside was that there were quite a few chunks in the juice, which I would prefer strained out. I’d definitely get this again, but I would also like to try other offerings when I do go back.


I would definitely make this a daily habit if I lived closer to Veg In Italy, because drinking a green juice is such an easy way to get in a ton of vitamins and minerals. Thankfully I don’t because the price was 5.50 for my Green Passion Elixir. Fair, considering world cold pressed juice prices, but it does add up. If you’re a hard-core juice fan or just overdone it on the pizza, this is one of the only places (if not the only!) in Naples that will serve you up a delicious green drank.

Veg In Italy 

Piazza Rodino’ 26, Naples, Italy


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