Holy Pizza: Concettina ai Tre Santi

I have a long list of places I have been dying to try in Naples, and one just got checked off the list!

Saturday night we headed to a pizzeria called Pizzeria Oliva da Concettina ai Tre Santi. It is not yet SUPER famous like certain other pizzerias around town, but it is definitely getting to be very well-known.


Located in the area called the Sanita, CaTS has been open since 1951. It started as a small family-run business and has gradually expanded over the years. Now it is gaining in popularity as the food scene here in Naples continues to develop. The wait to get in on busy nights is already akin to that of Sorbillo or Da Michele. On a Saturday night, we waited about an hour and a half to get in. Oops. (At least they offer those who are waiting slices of pizza to nibble on!)


Another reason that there is such a long wait is because the restaurant is darn small! There is only room for about 50 people to be seated. Seems like a lot but when you are waiting out on the street smelling all that delicious pizza and waiting your turn impatiently, you really wish the place was triple the size!


On the menu, there are quite a few ‘speciality pizzas.’ (In my mind, everything other than a margherita and a marinara are speciality pizzas, but that’s for another post!) Most of them use the wealth of indigenous products the area has to offer, like various cheeses, anchovies and pomodoro del piennolo.


Unfortunately, I did not even get the chance to look at the menu! After waiting for more than an hour, a bathroom trip was in store for me. As soon as I got back, the waiter was right there waiting for my order. Ummm….I asked for another minute to decide and he was back literally in a minute! So, margherita is was! (Even though I already knew that!) Next time I will definitely take the time to read through all the varieties and order one of them.

Once the pizzas arrived, I knew I was in for a treat! They were well-cooked and not burnt at all. There was a good cheese-to-sauce ratio and a healthy sprinkling of basil on top. Let me just say that this pizza here is


Yup. That’s how much I like it. Remember, folks, that pizza is a highly subjective subject here in Naples. There are those that only like the bible paper thin versions and others that don’t mind a slightly thicker pizza. I, personally, really enjoy a slightly thicker pizza like the one at CaTS. Also, I had ruined my appetite by eating too many fried yums beforehand, so I probably would have enjoyed the pizza even more if I were ravenously hungry.


Make it a point to visit Concettina ai Tre Santi when you are in Naples. It’s a straight-up great pizzeria, and the prices are quite modest. (20 euro for two pizzas and a large bottle of speciality beer.) It is also located in a beautiful area of the city that most tourists don’t ever visit, so that’s another good reason to go.

Pizzeria Oliva da Concettina ai Tre Santi

Via Arena della Sanita, 7

Naples, Italy


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