Summer Feelings with Chiquita Fruit Bar Napoli

Thankfully in Naples, there are finally some healthy alternatives popping up between a barrage of cheap pastry shops and smelly french fry stores. The new school, it seems, is lead by the Chiquita Fruit Bar smoothie stands. One is located on via Chiaia and the other is up in the Vomero area.


Now that the weather is turning hot, I am really digging the healthy options that the two locations offer. So far, I have tried quite a few of the drinks they offer and have been pretty happy with the results. Honestly, it is really just nice to see a healthy alternative even if the smoothies are nothing special (in my opinion!).

Today I went all out after my yoga class, which is located just next to the Fruit Bar! I was so thirsty from my hour and a half sweat fest that I ordered a small carrot/celery juice and a medium Papaya/Orange/Mango smoothie. I would definitely get the juice again; I loved how smooth is was! It was served with a bit of ice upon request, making it quite refreshing. Plus, for less than 3 euro for a small, I think the price is pretty fair. Unfortunately, the papaya smoothie wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. Combined with mango and fresh OJ, you really can’t taste the delicate taste of the papaya. That was a bit of a shame, but I didn’t let that ruin my day! For a medium, it was about 4.30, though the portions are good-sized.

I tried the mango-based and cranberry-based smoothies on other occasions and I think I prefer those to the papaya. On another note, the bubble tea they have there is fantastic! I am honestly not a huge fan of boba, but there is something about their version that gets me! I tried a green apple green tea with cherry bubbles and OMG! The Bubbles! So Good! I got this last week after a yoga class and it literally seemed like the most refreshing thing in the world! It was a little tart, a bit sweet, and those artificially flavored cherry-flavored bubbles exploded like little love bombs in my mouth.

Do you guys have Chiquita Fruit Bars where you live? What do you think about their smoothies and drinks?


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