Panino col Polpo in Torre Canne, Puglia

How many times have you been in a new place, it’s super late and you’re looking for a halfway decent place to eat dinner?! It’s probably one of the most frustrating feelings in the world, especially if you are hungry and tired from a long day of traveling!


This was exactly the situation we found ourselves in the first night of our trip when we were staying near Ostuni. We headed down towards the sea, but didn’t really want to stop at any of the big restaurants (a.k.a. the only ones that are open this time of the year!). While trolling around Torre Canne, I noticed a tiny stand making sandwiches with roasted/grilled octopus! This is a Pugliese speciality and a perfect way to satisfy our hunger.


We grabbed a table and ordered two sandwiches, two cones of fried fish and two Peronis. After a few minutes’ wait, our octopus sandwiches and cones were up!

Not much to explain here…You’ve got a freshly made roll stuffed with a freshly grilled octopus and a bit of an olive oil-based sauce. No funky sauces or elaborate preparations-this sandwich is about as simple as it can get. I won’t lie, this is definitely not my favorite sandwich in the world! While I LOVE octopus, it’s chewy texture doesn’t make it an ideal stuffing for a sandwich. Seems like most of the locals do not share this opinion, because it is the quintessential summer food in the area!


As for the cones, they were just about as good as fried fish can get! We had calamari in there, some tiny anchovy-like fish and a couple of shrimp. They weren’t too salty; it was perfectly seasoned, actually.

What a welcome to Puglia. Nothing better than a simple dinner that we could eat literally right on the beach.


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