Mixed Feelings at Tupelo Honey Cafe at Market Commons

You know you’ve been gone a while when you start to have trouble pronouncing things. Is it Two-pay-low? Tup-e-low? Something else? However it’s supposed to be pronounced, we had lunch at the small Southern chain Tupelo Honey Cafe today in Market Commons, Myrtle Beach. It was a bit of a mixed experience, but I will definitely be back for a second time.

IMG_1347 IMG_1348

First of all, the style of the restaurant is really very cool. The place has a warm retro-y, homey Southern feel filled with interesting details. The ceiling fans, funny enough, struck me the most-at this location they are just plain enviable. (I didn’t get a picture of them, but I will in the future.) The bar area is one of the nicest I have seen so far in the area…I just have to try the drinks now!


While the restaurant itself was super cute, I wasn’t wild over the food and our service. We could tell our waitress was new-maybe brand new. She might have been trying hard, but the bad service kind of put a bit of a damper on the meal. The whole table agreed that the waitress was not nearly attentive enough. There were long periods of time where she was no where in site. When we asked for our drink refills while eating, she took the cups and was gone for quite a while (8 minutes or so!). After asking for our check, she came back and let us know there was a computer problem, but it didn’t affect ours. Umm…Maybe I was missing something there. We still left a halfway decent tip (10 dollars on a $64 bill for lunch) because she did seem like she was trying, I suppose.




As for the food, they start you off with a biscuit, honey and blueberry compote. I really enjoyed the biscuit, but I needed butter to fully enjoy it with the sweet condiments. I did NOT at all enjoy the onion bisque I chose as my side. I was expecting a French onion-type soup (my mistake), but it was a cream-based soup instead. There were some pretty gross pasty chunks of potatoes, but they sort of felt more like clumps of soft flour. Also, I felt like it was a bit of a mistake to serve it at the same time as the main dish, but that’s just me. I ordered the Southern Fried Chicken BLT for my meal. I enjoyed the sandwich overall, but the chicken breast was just too big. The bacon was excellent, but as a whole, it wasn’t something I would order again. I also got to try a bite of the Tupelo Farm Fresh Burger. Unfortunately it was only a bite, because I was really enjoying that! On two other negative notes, I didn’t like the mac and cheese (almost obviously) or the matchstick fries (way too thin for me!).




While the overall experience left me wanting a bit, I was truly intrigued by the promise of cheap (good quality) booze. They have an amazing sounding Happy Hour, with half price pints and cheap on-tap Gin and Tonics. I will be back, probably sooner rather than later to test that bar out for y’all. (Is it too soon for me to be using a Southern accent?) I hope the second time around will be a more positive experience, because I really want to like Tupelo Honey.



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