A Day on Conway’s Riverwalk

Not so far away from the Myrtle Beach boardwalk is the charming downtown area of Conway, South Carolina. Away from the cheap souvenir shops and oceanfront hotels, going to Conway is almost like stepping back a few decades in time.


Conway is a quant little Southern town. The main street is lined with shops, independently owned restaurants and a theatre with a vintage marquee. Take a walk off the main street and you will see some beautiful architecture, like the old Court House, and many a tree covered in Spanish moss.


When visiting Conway, a walk along the Waccamaw River is definitely in order. The city built a lovely little promenade along the banks of the river. It certainly is a nice way to pass an hour or two.


What stuck me the most is the river’s water. It is, I will have to assume, perfectly clean. However, looking in the middle of the river, the water appears to be black. On the shores, you can see tea-colored water gently lapping up to the sand. (This strange color is due to tannins and other pigments leaching out from the trees and vegetation into the water.) It was truly relaxing to sit by the water’s edge and observe the calm water and the variety of wildlife that inhabit it. (Including swimming snakes!)

 I’m sure there’s a lot more to discover in Conway, which is my mission for the next few weeks.


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