Nacho Hippo, Not-So Good!

Last Friday, I had a yen for Mexican food. Big time. It had been so long since I had Mexican and it was about time I started to explore that scene here in the Myrtle Beach area. There are quite a few Mexican places around here, including the big chain “Mexican” restaurants and some really small, authentic looking places. Out of commodity, we opted for the former on Friday.



Nacho Hippo is located in the Market Common, just a skip away from my newfound yoga studio. It doesn’t look authentic by any means, but it is always packed when we go by. Plus, it has a nice outdoor seating area perfect for a relaxing early summer dinner. Either way, I didn’t expect it to be bad.

I was pretty much wrong about that one.

We got a nice high table and started to look at the menu. It didn’t blow us over at first glance. There is a decent selection of appetizers-we went for the queso dip. This is a favorite in my household and Nacho Hippo’s definitely underwhelmed. The dip was really watery and the taste reflected the texture. The chips were nice and warm, but that didn’t make up for the crappy queso. We definitely felt cheated, especially because it tacked on an unwarranted 5.95 to our bill. (Whatever happened to free chips and salsa, anyway?!)



As for the entrees, there is a nice selection of different tacos, burritos, a burger, nachos and quesadillas. We both went for Sloppy Burritos: the chef went for ground beef and cheddar and I opted for the grilled veggie and queso fresco. The Sloppy Burritos are huge! A UFO-sized tortilla that is stuffed with your choice of fillings, rice, pico, crema and black beans. I didn’t try out the ground beef, but I heard it was good. The grilled veggies, on the other hand, were indecent!!! The vast majority of the vegetables were zucchini, but there was an onion or yellow squash or two mixed in there. No peppers, no eggplant, just severely undercooked (read: almost raw!) zucchini.


That really turned me off. I do like my vegetables al dente, but this was going too far. To make things even worse, the tortilla was gummy underneath a nice strata of cheese. Inside the burrito, it was hard to decipher the individual ingredients since they were really sloppily massed together. (At least they named it appropriately!) I would have enjoyed a little bowl of salsa and sour cream to accompany the burrito in addition to the pile of fresh jalapeños they do give you.

Dinner for two including one app, two burritos, one iced tea and one beer set us back 33 dollars. Service was good, but it sure didn’t make up for the food. At that price, we would have been much more content to head to our local Moe’s and take a dip in their unlimited free salsa bar. And that’s exactly what we will do next time.


2 comments on “Nacho Hippo, Not-So Good!

  1. I couldn’t disagree more. My family and I just got home from a hurricane interrupted vacation in Myrtle Beach and on our last night there treated ourselves to a dinner at Nacho Hippo. The service was great and the food was even better. I had the Sloppy Burrito and it was fantastic. The atmosphere of the restaurant was perfect and the live entertainment was very enjoyable.


    • I’ve also heard some better reviews of the restaurant from friends who have eaten there! Maybe we were just there the wrong evening; I’d definitely be willing to give them another chance. Hope you and your family enjoyed the time you had in Myrtle!


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