The Eggs Up Treatment

Moving to Myrtle Beach has provided me with myriad chain restaurants to amuse myself at. It is basically a complete 180 from Naples or Italy in general, where chain restaurants are not so ubiquitous yet. You name it, you’ve got it here. And then some.


 I generally prefer not to frequent chain restaurants, simply because you always know what you’re going to get. Sometimes they do offer a pleasant surprise, though. Before hitting up the beach yesterday, we stopped at our local Eggs Up Grill for breakfast. It is a local chain with 12 locations in South Carolina and one in Georgia.  This has honestly been one of the best casual dining experiences I have had in a long time…maybe even one of the best dining experiences, period. Just goes to show you that good service and simple, good food can get you pretty far.


(As an aside, the original Eggs Up Grill was opened in Rhode Island. After about 10 years, the owners fell in love with the Myrtle Beach area and moved their establishment to Pawley’s Island. Things took off and that’s that.)

We were seated quickly and our waitress came over shortly. Just like at Crady’s, the employees really make a difference. Even though our waitress was probably up since the crack of dawn, she was smiling and provided us with exceptional service. Our coffees arrived quickly (thank God) and so did our food. While they might not be serving  organic, cage-free, hormone-free freshly laid that day eggs, gluten free sprouted bread or what not, Eggs Up gives you a well-cooked, simple breakfast.


My table of four had 4 Classics all around. I got two eggs over easy with rye toast, bacon, and home fries and grits. (When the waitress saw I couldn’t decide between home fries and grits, she suggested a half portion of each for me. Bless her.) While I do wish the bacon would have been a little more crispy, everything was really good. Except the grits. I haven’t gotten a taste for naked grits just yet; I have to jazz them up with cheese or something. We also had a portion of corned beef hash which was pretty tasty, but not really my cup of tea.

As a plus, the restaurant was spotless-and this included the condiment tray and bottles.  For the love of Pete, even the jams were orderly! They just need to include some A-1 sauce in there and the collection is complete.


For 4 people, we spent around 33 dollars, excluding our tip and including a 5 dollar off coupon. I know Eggs Up isn’t trying to change the culinary world with their breakfast, but they do what they do pretty well.


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